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Chairman Messages

Since its formation in 1985, Al-Dar has achieved in impressive 25 year legacy of successfully meeting its customer’ requirements and exceeding their expectations.

Al-Dar is proud of its reputation as a construction, contracting, trading and commercial company in Kuwait and the Middle East, not only has development assisted in achieving Al-Dar Plans, but also resulted in eventual fruition of steady success that allowed prevail into the market place.

With pride Al-Dar has moved along with times; where changes and mobility needed most attention and adaptability to cope with rapidly occurring inevitable market trends. Al-Dar’s success is measured through its customer satisfaction with the delivery of projects and services to the highest quality, in time on budget.

To meet the challenges of the current market conditions and to further improve our services to customers, Al-Dar continues to invest in its management and employees, internal business processes and systems, and equipments. Al-Dar is strengthening its core competencies as well as investing in the development of its capabilities to meet new challenges. Hardship & bottle necks never caused Al-Dar to deviate from primary targets; while progress & prosperity were Al-Dar goal; which we managed to keep & maintain right from the start.

Still, Al-Dar quest for a better future and better services is just another goal that can be attainable with the relations we maintained and still develop through customer base and areas of quality services most needed; providing those beyond customer expectations. The greatest asset of Al-Dar is its loyal, dedicated and hardworking employees. Al-Dar therefore strives to continue to be recognized as an employer of choice.
I look forward to taking Al-Dar into its next decade of success.

Khalifa F. Al Ghanim
Al Dar Group, Kuwait

Vision & Mission

We are proud to provide our Client’s with any logistical support in product construction services which they require.

We perform complete services from the initial stage of Design, Engineering to completion of the Project.

We are committed to deliver a strong product to our client with emphasis on high efficiency and quality.

The mission of Al-Dar is to:

  • Create a management culture that motivates nurtures
  • Excites all our employees through education, continued training and self – improvement in pursuit of excellence.
  • Deliver value – added services to all our customers.
  • Create a successful partnership with our customers throughout the work process.
  • Achieve uncompromising quality and safety standards.
  • Deliver projects on time and within cost.

who we are


It is a great opportunity to introduce AL-DAR COMPANY as one of the remarkable companies operating in general trading and contracting business within the state of Kuwait.

Al-Dar General Trading & Contracting Company is limited liability Company which was incorporated in 1988 and functions under the leadership of Managing Director, Mr. Khalifa Alghanim.

The urge for success and persistence on keeping the company level up to standard at all times was a result for the Al-Dar focused attention on clients, tracks; looking for better solutions to serve them with; creating as such a better horizon, growth, mutual benefits and steadily driven success & progress; aiming for specialization.

It is difficult to maintain a steady position with nowadays ever developed needs while with vigorous competition; nevertheless, the more difficulty it gets to maintain a hierarchy position, the more business entities like Al-Dar end up gaining; i.e., improving in undivided attention on customer satisfaction for and only for Customer Satisfaction .Accomplishing the Al-Dar philosophy within as well as outdoors amongst customer base & potential prospects is a continuous process for Al-Dar that brings nothing than more progress & continuous success.