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Robotic Cleaning System

Regular maintenance of building facades is an important component in holistic building maintenance. On the one hand, the access system provides the best possible security, access, and work efficiency to the maintenance staff; on the other hand, it meets the high standards of aesthetics.Serbot gladly takes up this challenge and provides building access systems in all variants that are always building-specific with long-term considerations and utmost security. More than 30 years of experience and more than 800 references worldwide are incorporated into our day-to-day work. From consulting, development, and project management to operation and service – our application specialists are happy to help you.Depending on the project, the solution will be different and consist of different components:

Roof Trolley / Craddles
Fixed or adjustable jib
Telescopic jib
Craddle with pantograph

Rail systems
Hooked, anchored, etc.
On concrete strips with rail system
Turntables, switches, rotary plates

Additional winches for glass replacement
Parking positions / Lifting platforms

Serbot is worldwide unique in being able to widen the cleaning concept with the automatic cleaning system GEKKO Facade. It can be used either in combination with the access system or as a standalone solution depending on large or difficult-to-access facade surfaces that have to be cleaned. Especially if a high frequency of cleaning is needed, an automated solution makes economic sense. The Serbot application specialists are happy to help you.