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Hard Sheet is one of 'Best Choice' premier products and our company is proud of the success of this NEW IDEA, since we are the only manufacturers in the GCC.

With the installation and use of highly specialized machines from Europe, Best Choice manufactures its NEW IDEA under high quality standards that exceeds the needs of the construction industry.
PROTECTA FLOOR Hard Sheet is one of the most widely used products by construction companies in Kuwait
This product was tested in the BRE laboratory located in London, and it also received a government evaluation report from the Dubai Municipality against water-tightness, tear resistance, tensile strength and impact resistance.

PROTECTA FLOOR Hard Sheet Roll is specially designed to give the best protection for ceramic tiles and all surfaces. It is made of three layers, which include; Brown Polythene Plastic, Corrugated Hard Sheet & Flat Hard Sheet.

The Corrugated and Flat Hard Sheet are bonded together with a special adhesive, and the Brown Polythene Plastic is adhered on top of them, making it waterproof, thicker and stronger.
The Corrugated Hard Sheet, which is the bottom layer, is designed to be very strong to protect the ceramic / tiles from any damages or scratches.

It is made of high quality raw material, easy to fix and remove, and is cost effective. In addition, 40% of this material is reusable.

Moreover, PROTECTA FLOOR Hard Sheet gives three times more protection to ceramic than Gypsum, Polythene and Plywood. It gives the best quality protection at an economical price.